Texas Applied Anthropology Summit

Building bridges to facilitate new conversations and collaborations around applied anthropology

2017 Session Descriptions

Poster Presentations

Grab some breakfast and learn how other anthropologists and students are applying anthropology in the greater Texas region. If you are interested in submitting a poster, get more information here.

Skill-Building Workshops

Develop your skills or gain new ones through workshops on the following topics:

  • Leveraging Technology for Research & Analysis
  • Facilitating & Managing Customer Panels
  • Stakeholder Communication & Relationship Building
  • Focus Group Techniques

"Birds of a Feather" Discussion: Engaging Students in Applied Research 

This year we will explore the topic of engaging students in applied research. Dive deeply with your fellow anthropologists to learn how to improve student access to applied research opportunities and ensure that they obtain the skills they need to enter the job market. This session will be particularly relevant for university faculty members.

Lightning Talks: Profiles in Applied Anthropology

Hear first-hand accounts from anthropologists who are applying their anthropological training and skills in their careers outside of academia. Panelists will share how they use their anthropology background in their work, how they have gotten to where they are today, and their favorite tips for working outside of academia. 

In-Depth Topical "Breakouts" 

During lunch, summit attendees will have the option to meet in small discussion groups to address specific topics in applied anthropology. Tables will be labeled with a particular topic and will be hosted by a designated discussion leader. This will be an excellent opportunity to engage with other anthropologists, ask tough questions, come up with novel ideas, and find common ground. Table breakout topics will include:

  • Anthropology & Program Evaluation
  • Anthropology & User Centered Design
  • Working In or With Governments
  • Working In or With Non-Profits 
  • Anthropology & Activism

Student Resume and Interview Skills Session

Have an opportunity to receive feedback on your professional resume and practice job interviewing skills. Attendees should bring three hard copies of their professional resumes with them to this session. The first half of the session will involve receiving professional and peer feedback on these resumes. The second half of this session will involve a short presentation on interviewing skills and interviewing practice with peers. This session will be particularly relevant for students.

Discussion Panel: Applying an Anthropology BA/BS

Hear from professionals on how they apply their undergraduate degree in anthropology to their careers today. Panelists will explore how their BA/BS in anthropology influenced their career path, the value of their anthropology degree in their work, and the other experiences/skills/knowledge that benefited them in their careers. This session will be particularly relevant for university faculty members and undergraduate attendees.