Texas Applied Anthropology Summit

Building bridges to facilitate new conversations and collaborations around applied anthropology

 2019 Presenters

Workshop Leaders

  • Emily K. Brunson, Texas State University

  • Myles Hinchcliffe, Kurru Talent Consulting Services

  • Katy Jones, Kurru Talent Consulting Services

  • Liz Lewis, Indeed.com

  • Monica Schoch-Spana, Johns Hopkins University

  • Jaime Thomas, Dell Medical School

  • Chelsi West-Ohueri, University of Texas - Austin

Working as an Applied Anthropologist Panelists

  • Winter Calaway, AT&T - Design Technology

  • Rex Long, Gibson Consulting Group

  • Sarah Miller-Fellows, Girls Empowerment Network

  • John Sarmiento, Bottle Rocket Studios

Anthropological Entrepreneurship Panelists

  • Logan McLaughlin, McLaughlin Ethnography

  • Shubhra Sharma, Criahair.com

  • Reyda Taylor, Mission Capital and Capacity Catalyst