Texas Applied Anthropology Summit

Building bridges to facilitate new conversations and collaborations around applied anthropology


The purpose of the poster session is to provide attendees, and particularly students, the opportunity to present an example of their own work, and to facilitate discussions of contemporary applied anthropology in the greater Texas area.

The poster session will be informal and take place in the morning, while breakfast is available. This will allow attendees to eat, mingle, and discuss the posters in a casual setting.

  • If you want to present a poster at the summit, you must select the poster presentation option during the registration process. You will need to include a preliminary poster title and a list of co-authors (if any) at that time.
  • In addition, you will eventually need to provide a short abstract (200 words maximum) for the conference program. The conference organizers will contact you about submitting this approximately six weeks before the summit.
  • Posters are limited to 48 inches (width) by 36 inches (height).
  • Push pins and display boards will be provided.

If you would like additional information or have questions about the poster presentations, please contact the conference organizers.